May 4, 2016

The Lady Gaga song TEETH, is one of my favourites from FAME MONSTER released in 2008. I love the strong, the soulful jazz beat of this song and the lyrics are pretty sexy. Lady Gaga knows what she is talking about.

Don’t be scared
I’ve done this before
Show me your teeth
Show me your teeth…..
From everything I have read on the meaning of this song,
Show me your teeth = Show your true colours( or show me your truth)… I do not care what it means, the song is sexy and makes me run fast and in my opinion it would be one of the best Gaga songs ever.

I love teeth, I just love them.
I love looking at people’s smile when they smile at me. Smile’s are contagious and something even better than a smile is watching people when they laugh. A beautiful smile can take a fairly average looking person and turn them into a much more appealing vision. It maybe a vision that represents happiness and joy. I don’t know quite how to explain my fascination with pearly whites however they can be quite distracting.

Take my Mother for example. Still beautiful today, although in her younger years I can proudly say she was stunning, without hesitation an absolute knockout. I understand most people hold their Mothers in high esteem, however there was simply no doubting it… She was a complete BABE. With the body to boot, heads would turn and men would literally fall over themselves trying to look at her as she walked through shopping centres or supermarkets. This irritated my sister and I to know end. We didn’t appreciate these strangers looking at our Mum.

On a resort style family holiday my sister and I were separated from our Mum in the restaurant. I saw my Mother glide through the dining room towards a table, looking simply beautiful. Right on cue, heads turned and I heard this male voice behind me say, “Wow, she is gorgeous…pity about her teeth”. My heart sank for my Mother, I felt utterly shattered for her. This creepy idiot degraded my Mother in earshot of her biggest fan. I felt so infuriated, I wanted to pick up the nearest bread plate and throw it straight at him, I was 7. I kept quiet.

People judge very harshly. I know, having been in the Modelling Industry and now the Plastic Surgery/Cosmetic Medicine arena for many years… I get it. The search for perfection. We do idolise beauty. To my Mother’s credit she had the courage to get braces at the age of 50 and has one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen.

I have had braces twice in my lifetime and Invisalign 3 years ago. I love my teeth and I am so proud to say I have never had a filling. I see Sydney Orthodontist Dr John Brabant who has a practice in Albury called EVOLVE and he takes care of my Invisalign maintenance and treatment.

Custom made aligners that gradually shift your teeth into place, no metal, brackets or wires. You just pop in a new set of aligners every two weeks until the treatment is complete. A clear alternative to braces, this method is far superior and the results are magnificent. Google INVISALIGN for the nearest Specialist Orthodontist, or see my favourite expert and the only Orthodontist I would visit Dr John Brabant in various locations including Sydney, Albury and country Victoria.


I take my smile very seriously and I whiten my teeth with ZOOM. I attend Central Dental Group when I am at home, the very established and reputable practice is located in Wodonga. I see Veronica Modra who works under Dr Grant Dean, a highly respected Dentist in North East Victoria and Principle of the practice.

Before starting this process a scale/clean and a dental check up is very important. At the appointment impressions are made first then the treatment with the intense light of the Phillips ZOOM begins. The whole process takes about 2 hours. 4 weeks later a final polish and touch up is done.
Central Dental Group are to be found at

So in the words of Gaga herself, “show me your teeth”.

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