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Be Summer Skin Ready : My Go To Laser treatment

October 11, 2016

Touchdown in Bali, weather is perfect, the sun is shining and it is red hot. I have been really taken by surprise how much I have stopped wanting to bake myself in the sun. There were also other reasons I didn’t really want to hang by the pool. I was staying in a resort with what felt like about 70 couples for 6 days … the pool was renamed by me the “staring pool”. For some reason a single person appears to be a little strange in the resort environment which amused me greatly. Put it this way, I was not invited to join anyone for drinks haha, so I found myself taking strolls alone along the beach listening to Drake, making Insta Stories and spending hours in the ocean with a massive hat on as opposed to sun baking with my audience.

I have previously mentioned that I do love the sun and have been a “true” sun worshipper in my time. I am body bronzed crazy and I usually have a spray tan every week. Now in my business life I take on a strong anti-ageing stance and message. I am selling Anti-Ageing to men and women everyday. Sun damage ages you, and lying in the sun cooking yourself to a shade of crisp brown does not make you look youthful for long.

After returning home from a holiday to Darwin earlier this year I came back into the clinic and asked my laser technician to perform a light Fractional laser treatment on my slightly sun distressed skin. The results were phenomenal, the amount of rough skin cells that flaked off was significant and my superficial pigmentation was greatly reduced. My Skin was much smoother to touch and a fresh surface remained. This treatment is perfect for cell turn over even at very light settings.

So what is Fractional Laser? Some of you may have heard of Fraxel (this is a brand of laser) which performs fractional laser. At Dr Tass we have Fraxel( Erbium Yag Wavelength) at my clinic in Albury, Delete Medical Laser we have the Fotona SP Dynamis which is also Erbium Yag wavelength (now I am talking German) let me explain. The Erbium Yag wavelength offers a high degree of control and efficacy . The laser shoots a column of energy into the tissue and the column in between is untouched. The heat from the laser energy stimulates the production of new collagen in the dermis because the surrounding/untreated or untouched skins speeds up the rejuvenation process.

This treatment is not aggressive it is progressive. Gone are the days when downtime was 2 weeks home from work, no one has time for that. My superlight version proved to me how beneficial fractional laser is for beautiful skin.

FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE: If you are new to laser or even chemical peels, the best place to start is with some Active Skincare. At my initial consult, skin is more of a hot topic than wrinkles or volume loss. There is no point starting with a heap of Anti wirnkle injections and Fillers if the “blanket” that is covering it all looks dull and lifeless. My Go To is The Aspect Dr Starter Kit. 4 products for $120 includes a Deep Cleanser, VIT C, VIT A and Resveretrol Moisteriser. I would also recommend a Pigment Inhibitor like Aspect Dr Complete Pigment for $121. If my patient is already using a Night time Retinol or Vitamin A product I am happy with that as it prepares the skin which produces a better result post Fractional treatment as cell turnover is already apparent.

A patch test 1 week before laser is recommended, and Keloid Scarring is a contraindication to laser treatment aswell as some medications. A topical anaesthetic is applied 20 to 30 minutes before treatment however some patients prefer not to use it. This treatment does not cause pain and the procedure takes about 30-45 minutes. I find Fractional laser actually pretty relaxing. The skin feels a little warm and the patient is given the use of the Koolio machine which blows freezing air onto the skin during treatment. I usually recommend a medium fractional ablation which is 2 days downtime with slight sunburn and swelling. Mineral makeup can be applied and generally no one notices anything unless it is a slightly greasy face from the Aspect Post Treatment Balm> This type of product is applied to keep moisture in the skin in the days that follow the treatment.

By Day 4 Post treatment I do have to say I feel I look about 65 to 70 years old. The skin does go super dry as older skin cells shed and flake off. I always want to exfoliate at this point, which is not a good idea as it would be too harsh for the skin following the treatment. Bepanthem Cream or Aspect Post Treatment Balm is best and no active skincare for 2 weeks. The full results which is a super even skin tone and glowing “event ready” skin is about 2-3 weeks post treatment. It is recommended 1-2 times a year. Fraxel Treatment 1300drtass and Twinlight Fractional Laser Facial at Delete Medical Laser Treatment Albury 0260255501.

Photography : Glen Krohn @glenkrohn Bali
Styling : Katren Sudek @katren_sudek Bali
MUA: Leeyah @littleleeyah Bali

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