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May 4, 2016

The Lady Gaga song TEETH, is one of my favourites from FAME MONSTER released in 2008. I love the strong, the soulful jazz beat of this song and the lyrics are pretty sexy. Lady Gaga knows what she is talking about. Don’t be scared I’ve done this before Show me your teeth Show me your teeth….. From everything I have read on the meaning of this song, Show me your teeth = Show your true colours( or show me your truth)… I do not care what it means, the song is sexy and makes me run fast and in my opinion it would be one of the best Gaga songs ever. I love teeth, I just love them. I love looking at people’s smile when they smile at me. Smile’s are contagious and something even better than a smile is watching people when they laugh. A beautiful smile can take…

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