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April 26, 2016

Anyone that follows my Instagram account @missalexpike will not take very long to figure out that I JUST LOVE COFFEE. I learnt to drink it black many years ago. Chadwick Models are not meant to consume too many “extra” calories, so Milk was kicked to the curb. Then my new obsession with finding the most perfect Long Black began (and boy have I had some bad ones). The Waiting Room at Crown Towers, would have to be my new favourite in Melbourne and Mr Benedict in Albury is perfection.

Coffee is the most widely consumed stimulant in the world, and was largely considered or viewed as a health tonic for the sick and weary. Coffee is not a health drink, though I know just as well as anyone who embraces this warm drink and looks forward to this morning ritual, it is clearly addictive.

The active ingredient in coffee is Caffeine. Many controlled trials have examined the effects of Caffeine on the brain, demonstrating that caffeine increases general cognitive reaction time, memory, vigilance and even improves mood. Thank goodness because I can be a complete cow before that first few sips hits the bloodstream.

Caffeine acts by blocking receptors in the brain whose job it is to dull brain activity, so by preventing dulling it stimulates. Bingo. Less being an unmotivated cow and cheers to a more productive day people.

It has been suggested that black coffee may also slightly reduce the risks of Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and heart disease.

Another good reason to drink this black delicious beverage is that bottom line WEIGHT LOSS, Caffiene is meant to raise the metabolic rate and helps to mobilize fatty acids from the fat tissues as well as enhancing physical performance. I don’t know if all of this is 100% accurate, one thing I do know is that when my eyes first open in the morning, I lie there wishing my arm was long enough to reach for the kettle without leaving my warm bed. Yet I get up and walk down the stairs to my beloved first cup of black coffee and start my day with joy and optimism. Blah, blah, blah . Yes I just love black coffee.

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