Alex Pike RN

The Natural Look with Dermal Fillers

July 11, 2016

I sit across from a patient at their initial consultation staring intently trying to not appear like I am staring. I ask the patients about their work and their family, I am of course interested in what they are saying yet I am mesmerized by their face, I am literally scanning their expressions. I am looking at the way their face moves at rest and at animation. I am looking at the person’s facial muscles, their volume loss, their skin quality, their jawline and their chin. I am obsessed with the lower third of the face. Chins are the new cheeks.

I see small to large Volume loss in patients every day and as I explain in my consultation, Dermal fillers add volume to the face. This wonderful complex sugar molecule product  acts immediately by filling wrinkles and lines and plumping areas of the face where the fats pads have descended, the muscles have wasted and the bone is hollow. In short, the tablecloth (the table cloth being the skin) is now too big for the table(the table being the face).
The subtle improvement that Dermal fillers can provide is a selling point for many. Every day I hear the words from patients in their 40’s and 50’s, “well I don’t want to look 25.. what I want is to look less tired”. I explain to patients that in the 40’s and 50’s that adding 1-2MLS of fillers once a year is like “putting in a pillar in the house every 12 months”.. a little renovation and restoration is required to look fresher and less tired.

In the 20’s and 30’s patient the use of Dermal fillers is for enhancement of the patient’s appearance or to make the young man or woman more attractive. When we are younger, our cheeks, jawline and upper face are full of volume and well defined. It’s this volume that gives our faces their “youthful curves”.
A little bit goes a long way as the saying goes. I see young “OVERDONE” female faces in bars and nightclubs in Melbourne and Sydney and quite honestly this look scares me. This kind of enhancement ages a young woman overnight. Let us be reminded that Kylie Jenner is 18 and looks 30 (still a hot 30 though ).

During AMAC Allergan’s Cosmetic Congress in Sydney in April I posed for photos in a bathroom with some girls in their 20’s at Casablanca Nightclub … now let me touch briefly on why girls take pictures of themselves in nightclub bathrooms around the world?? There is no answer except we just do!!!

There is that sense of feeling feminine and glamorous and wanting to record the image 10-20 times on our phones until we have the “best one”. It all seems so normal at the time. These particular 20 “somethings” were of course gorgeous. The thing that struck me later when I looked at the photos was that they had WAY too much filler in their 20 year old faces… and it was obvious to not only my trained eye but to others as well.

The best cosmetic work is undetectable. The Natural Look is a real thing.

Things to remember before having Dermal Filler :
1. Ask the question ………How long has your Doctor or Registered Nurse been administering Cosmetic Injections?
2. What PRODUCT are you being injected with. Informed Consent includes knowing what product is being injected into your Face.
3. Ask to see Before and After photos, some Injectors just DON’T have an aesthetic eye that matches with yours.

No one wants to look overdone, a face full of fillers is “not sexy” …..the person just looks like they have had a “face full of fillers”.
Whether it be to restore volume loss in the older patient or to enhance or make more attractive a younger patient Dermal fillers must be injected well. In the right hands, Dermal Fillers deliver long lasting results and can be done in your lunch break.

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