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The Pursuit of the Perfect Jawline

April 12, 2017

When I think of a perfect jawline, the first thing I think of is perfect genetics – think Angelina Jolie for females or the masculine lower face of Tyson Beckford or Superman actor Henry Cavill.

Then my plastic surgery nurse brain takes over and I think about how perfect and strong jawlines can also be achieved with the help of cosmetic procedures.

With the increasing advancements in aesthetics there is now a range of treatments available to meet the needs and concerns of just about anyone. Whether you want to eliminate the appearance of ‘jowls’, or an overly full or poorly defined neck, there is a solution out there for you. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular options.


Surgical: Lower facelift

In my early career at The Centre For Facial Plastic Surgery in Toorak, I worked for Dr Bryan Mendelson, the ‘Godfather’ of the lower facelift and one of the best Plastic Surgeons in the world. It was here I prepared and cared for recovering lower facelift patients for the good part of four years. Dr Mendelson convinced me that in the most skilled hands plastic surgery is artistry, explaining that when properly performed it can provide a benefit that is natural in appearance and will last for years to come.

Lower facelift surgery effectively restores an attractive contour between the face and neck, while reducing downward lines and creases around the mouth. It achieves lasting benefits and can provide a natural look that is carefully tailored for each individual patient.


Non-surgical: Injectables

The non-surgical approach is perfectly placed dermal fillers along the jawline with my weapon of choice – cannulas. A cannula is a fine tube that can be inserted into the skin to precisely deliver product. I find it usually results in less bruising and some patients also consider it a little more comfortable. In my practice, I often inject men’s jawlines with dermal filler to restore an attractive contour and enhance their features, making them look more masculine.

In some cases anti-wrinkle injections can be used to slim the face and create a beautiful oval facial shape. This is also ideal for a square shaped jaw as it helps create a more youthful facial shape.

When I was speaking with renowned Plastic Surgeon Dr Steven Liew from Shape Clinic in Sydney, he explained that to him the contour of the face and the neck is the most beautiful and he considers it the most important determinate of facial aesthetics. In some cases injectables can effectively enhance the jawline and chin, adding structure and definition.


Non-invasive treatment: Laser

For someone who is reluctant to undergo plastic surgery or have non-surgical treatments such as injectables, I would suggest focusing on your skin and starting a regime of laser treatments such as thermal skin tightening.

Laser treatments can be the go-to for skin laxity around the jaw, sun damage and dull and tired complexions. What’s more, no scalpels, incisions or injecting are involved!

Some of you may have heard of Thermage, but have you heard of Fotona SP Dynamis? It’s one of the newest skin tightening treatments on the block and it addresses the signs of facial ageing such as sagging skin, loss of volume, wrinkles, poor skin tone and uneven texture.

So, whether it is through Plastic Surgery, Non-Surgical procedures or Laser modalities, even if you aren’t blessed with the genes of Hollywood superstars, you too can achieve the perfect jawline.


With the Allergen product launch in May of the New Deoxycholic Acid Injectable which dissolves the sub mental fat pad or “double chin” the future is bright for the pursuit of the perfect jawline. Watch this space.


Dr Bryan Mendelson : Plastic Surgeon. The centre for facial Plastic Surgery 109 Mathoura Rd, Toorak. VIC. 3142 (03) 98260977


Dr Steven Liew : Plastic Surgeon. Shape Clinic 109/19A Boundary St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

PH. (02) 83562888


Evette Ingram : Innovative Technologies: Fotona: 101 Atherton Road Oakleigh. VIC. 3166

Phone : 1800 888 983



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