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Why Do We Love Lips?

May 18, 2016

I was teased incessantly in Year 5 by a handsome boy called Luke Evans . He would scream out in the playground “hey it’s Fish Lips”… a horrible name to be called at such an awkward age. I wanted the cement to open up and let me fall in. It wasn’t until much later in life did I appreciate the pout my parents gave me.

Why do we love lips? Why do women spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on lipstick to make lips pretty and different colours? Women have been accentuating their lips, the colour and showing of their beauty forever. Ancient Tribes would and still do insert bones in their lips to attract members of the opposite sex. In the 1900’s Surgeons would inject Paraffin and in the 1960’s Silicone was injected to achieve a desired result of lip enhancement and augmentation.

In the 80’s until the early 2000’s when I was originally trained in Injectables, Bovine Collagen was introduced. We would have to test patch to watch for a reaction. Now we inject complex sugar molecules  This product has only improved cosmetic treatments for lips for the better.

Again I ask the question.. Why do we love lips? We love lips because they are so sexy….we are drawn to lips because they are erotic and sensual.

I am of course a Registered Nurse and Cosmetic Injector obsessed with faces in general. I constantly stare at women and men wherever I go. I dissect the faces of supermarket “Check out” girls and become so utterly distracted by chins, cheeks and frown lines. When I see lips that I love… dare I say… I usually sneak another look without appearing like I am a total creep.

Angelina Jolie is still my “go to” reference point for the most incredible lips. Her whole face is mathematical perfection. I will add another fine example. I recently watched BATMAN: Dark Knight Rises starring Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. Let’s take a moment here, in this film she epitomises sexualised beauty and her glorious and perfect lips are accentuated in red lipstick and then framed by the black mask….(the black rubber catsuit was also pretty spectacular).

Scarlett Johansen and Eva Mendes would also be amongst the top 10 of most beautiful and recognisable lips in the world.

At the most recent Allergan Conference AMAC in Sydney, Mr Steven Liew, a Plastic Surgeon from Sydney, presented on Lips and the reasons why they never go out of style. The perfect lip must have the 1 third (top lip) to 2 third (bottom lip) ratio to be considered a “perfect lip”. There lies my frustration when patients request I make their upper lip match their lower lip. Not a good aesthetic outcome and this creates “sausage” lips…not pretty.

Young women, middle aged and older women visit my clinic every day and request an increased volume to their lips. With the 20’s patient Kylie Jenner’s name is often mentioned and lip treatments and lipstick sales are on the rise because of this 18 year old. Kurt Coleman is another Social media star who has made it a “must have” treatment for the 20’s male and female.

For the older patient, creating a supporting structure around the lip is also important before the lip is made fuller. Not correcting the volume deficits and supporting structure is similar to buying a new rug for a room when the walls are falling down. There are different types of Dermal fillers which are suited for different outcomes.

I get so excited when I hand my patient a mirror after I treat their lips. I pause and stare waiting to perhaps see the flash in their eyes of self-love and admiration and it is at this moment I truly love my job…..after all…. lips are beautiful.

Photography : Bethany Clare Photography
Makeup Artist: Tara Petrenko @poutcosmetics

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